The Lowest Pair - Reckon I'm Fixing on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little

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The Lowest Pair features the duel banjo picking of Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee.

Draped in Kendl’s high lonesome harmonies and Palmer’s Midwest croon, their debut release, 36¢ (Team Love Records), was hailed by many outlets and American Songwriter praised their "earnest, earthy songcraft."

Arkansas-born and now homesteading in Olympia, Washington, Kendl Winter sprouts alfalfa beans in mason jars in the back of the tour van and spreads her songs across the country Johnny Appleseed-style. Kendl brings to The Lowest Pair her wonderfully weaving poetry of song, old and new, and a voice somewhere between Gillian Welch and Iris DeMent with a little Olympia twist.

Palmer T. Lee who hails from Minneapolis was nineteen years old when he inherited a couple of banjos and discovered he could reassemble them into his dream instrument. Former front man for the much loved high energy bluegrass band The Boys n' the Barrels, Palmer's songs are distilled into the warm, sweet sounds of his percussive wordplay and the melodic interludes of his own unique style played on a pieced-together banjo. I Reckon I'm Fixin' on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little gathers all the traditional public domain classic songbook tunes The Lowest Pair have been performing live for the last several years of touring. Including favorites like Irene, Shortning Bread and Cuckoo, these are songs deeply ingrained in the American tradition, interpreted here by The Lowest Pair with their signature sound of dual banjo and male/female vocal harmony.

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