Union Music Store is proud to have started the GigSwig initiative in 2017. For the latest news and updates on our GoFundMe campaign please visit our Facebook page.

We have a very simple mission: we want to see an end to bottled water at gigs.

As promoters ( ) we, like most others, traditionally put a pack of small plastic water bottles back stage for the performers. At the end of every show we'd be throwing away a load of barely-drunk bottles. What happens is that the artists forget which bottle they put down so they crack another one open, take a swig, put it down...

Then they grab one, or two, take them on stage, same routine. Then they come off stage and start all over again!

They're not bad people of course, we're performers too and we know that you have to keep hydrated, and you don't get time for such things in the heat of a live show. But it got us thinking...

There's got to be a better way, one which doesn't contribute to the horrible pollution that is coming to light as a result of plastics entering the rivers, the oceans and the food chain.

We're just one small promoter. Our plastic footprint is pretty low. But we want it gone.

So we made a pledge to ourselves and started contacting the booking agents and bands that we work with. When the rider says '12 bottles of water' we politely reply that we will supply a jug and glasses backstage and as much tap water as they can drink. No-one has complained yet! In fact, most people have received it very positively.

That gave us the inspiration to start Gig Swig. We want venues, agents, promoters and - most importantly - the artists, to join us and sign up to the Gig Swig pledge:

No more bottled water at gigs!

Will you join us?


1. Sign up to the pledge. Simple. Just say it and it's true; promise to reusable water containers (e.g. a glass!) at your next gig. You're now one of us, hooray!

2. Tell people. Put our logo on your rider, your stage plot, your email footer, your poster. Tell your booking agent and your bandmates. Follow our socials. Spread the word.

3. Get a reusable bottle. For gigs where they're not so inclined make sure you have your own bottle with you. Find a tap, simple. We aim to have a range of quality bottles and flasks available for you as soon as we can find the right ones. Until then, re-use a bottle from last night's show.

You know how many gigs you do, and how many bands there are out there in the world trying to make their way, night after night. Just imagine the sheer scale of the plastic waste that generates. It's pretty grim. We can't save the environment on our own or overnight.

But tonight, at your gig - let's not make it any worse. Let's save the oceans, one gig at a time :-)