Sarah McQuaid - If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous

  • CD - £ 10.99

Release Date 2nd February 2018


New studio album by Sarah McQuaid. "The precision and sophistication of the writing and playing blows me away. I am so glad to be involved," writes guitar legend Michael Chapman in his introduction to Sarah McQuaid's fifth solo CD. In addition to producing the album, Chapman's given Sarah a long-term loan of his own electric guitar, which brings a new dimension and drive to her music. With her artistry on the piano also featuring for the first time here, this compelling collection of songs and instrumentals marks a major step forward for an artist who's been consigned to the "under-the-radar" department for far too long.

Recently honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Ards International Guitar Festival in Northern Ireland, Sarah's also drawn critical praise for her voice (which has been variously likened to malt whiskey and melted chocolate) and her engaging rapport with audiences: "I've attended hundreds of concerts of all kinds, and her subtle mastery onstage launches her straight into my fave shows ever," wrote The Huffington Post.

Reviewers of the Madrid-born, Chicago-raised, Cornwall-based singer/songwriter's previous albums have repeatedly alluded to her "relative obscurity" (The Big Takeover) and "under-the-radar" (The Vinyl District) profile. With her new album – on which she expands her battery of instruments to include piano and electric guitar – she looks set to change that.

"One voice, one guitar, and the wondrous reminder of the magic of music. Sarah has the gift." – The Huffington Post

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