Martin Simpson - Trails & Tribulations

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Release Date 1st September 2017.


Remarkable 20th solo album from world acclaimed, multi-Folk Award winning guitarist/singer-songwriter, Martin Simpson. Featuring special guests, Andy Cutting, Nancy Kerr, John Smith, Ben Nicholls, Toby Kearney

Produced and engineered by Andy Bell (The Full English, Songs Of Separation, Jon Boden), ‘Trails & Tribulations’ features some of Martin’s most inventive playing yet, showcasing his virtuosity on a variety of instruments including acoustic guitars, resonator guitars, Weissenbown lap steel guitar, electric guitars, 5 string banjo, ukulele – and voice.

Guest musicians on the new album are: Ben Nicholls (string bass and electric bass guitars), Toby Kearney (drums and percussion), Nancy Kerr (fiddle and viola), Andy Cutting (diatonic accordion and melodeon), John Smith (electric guitar and backing vocals), Helen Bell (strings), Amy Newhouse-Smith (back- ing vocals) and his daughter Molly Simpson on vocals.

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