Kings Of The South Seas - Franklin

  • CD - £ 9.99

Release Date 2nd February 2018


The British expeditions in search of the NW Passage through the North of Canada and in particular the loss of Franklin's expedition to the ice during the 19th Century affected many. The Navy and families who waited at home, the Inuit encountered and the British public who looked on from afar and seemed to signal the beginning of the end of British Empire. These losses and failures left a large wealth of musical, theatrical and literary material as the nation tried to make sense of events. Following their acclaimed debut 'Chasing the Whale' this second release by Kings of The South Seas vividly brings to life the music left by these events and their cultural fallout. 'Franklin' features Canadian Voyageur paddling songs, English folk ballads and songs composed onboard ice-bound wintering ships to Victorian parlour pieces - all delivered in powerful, foreboding and effecting style by this unique band.

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