Johnny Flynn - Sillion

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Release Date 24th March 2017


Fourth album from indie singer-songwriter & actor who has collaborated with Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons. ‘Sillion’ has grown episodically between Flynn’s commitments to acting, composing, and his young family. It’s an album about the sacredness of man’s endeavour to connect with the earth while separated from it. It’s the sound of Flynn breathing in and breathing out. ‘Sillion’ sees Flynn reunited with David Beauchamp (drums), Adam Beach (bass), Joe Zeitlin (cello), sister Lillie Flynn & Holly Holden (vocals), with guests Cosmo Sheldrake (electronics) and Dave Tattersall on lead guitar for ‘The Landlord’.

First single ‘Raising the Dead’, tells of Flynn getting to know his newborn daughter. “My Dad died when I was 18, and that was quite a galvanising experience,” Flynn says, “and there’s often an element of that in anything I’m writing; every big loss that you suffer in life, I think everything comes through the conduit of that. I had a really strong sense of my daughter having elements of my Dad when she came along, and it made me kind of laugh - that cyclical sense, of thinking of my daughter as my Dad.”

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