Rosenblume - All through the Fire, All through the Rain

  • cd - £ 4.99

After two years in the making, All Through the Fire, All Through the Rain EP, by the Liverpool-based Rosenblume, is now ready for the world to hear it. Although he hails from the city that wrought the Beatles, Rosenblume earnestly and successfully channels the multi-varied threads of ‘60s and ‘70s American folk, particularly the scenes in Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon.

Rosenblume tells PopMatters about the EP, “I’m really happy I’m finally able to share this EP that I’ve worked so hard to create over the last few months. I wanted something that would best represent us, and what’s to come from Rosenblume in the future. Doing that within four tracks was going to be difficult. But I think we have four songs here that showcase Rosenblume and hopefully it will capture the listeners imagination to want to hear more.

The artists that have captured my imagination growing up and who definitely inspired this record are people like James Taylor, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan. If I can create something close to these timeless artists, then I’d be happy! So I hope people will enjoy it. I enjoyed every minute of the recording and writing processes and l think this comes through on the tracks… this is only a taste of what’s to come.”

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