The Jamie Freeman Agreement - Homes For Heroes


We built homes fit for heroes, We built schools for every child. We built hospitals to heal them,  And factories to provide

We laboured for each other, Recognised the common good. We fought for fairer wages, For freedom, votes and food

We set our gazes higher, Stood proudly on the line Against encroaching darkness, And for a better time

When peace would be the watchword, And fairness would abide Well, today that dream is fading, As we wake it’s thrown aside

A new light dawns upon us, It’s thin and cold and hard In its harshness truth is brutal, Fear is all that holds regard

Fear of Johnny foreigner, Fear of some old flag Fear of losing what little faith, You ever thought we had

But fear could never build those homes, For heroes, like we did Fear doesn’t make nurses work, Or teachers raise our kids

Fear can only drive apart, And knock down all those bricks But today I pull my laces tight, Today I start to kick

The story...

Jamie: "The lyrics to this song came straight out of my laptop keyboard on election results morning, attempting to express the way I was feeling. Something like grief was all over me, and I wanted to say how ashamed I was that the country which had quite literally built 'homes for heroes', and prided itself on the National Health Service, was somehow choosing a completely different path.

The band started performing the song live right away, so we'd actually played it four times at gigs before we recorded it during a crazy week-long stint during which four other songs for this album were produced."