Phil Jones - New Homes


So they’re talking ‘bout new homes.

A promise of new “homes for all”,

We’ll be happy in our new homes.

Can you hear the money call?

Yes they’re talking ‘bout new homes.

They’re building those new homes for all,

We’ll be happy in our new homes.

New homes!


Wet green valley of fighting men,

We’ll never see their like again.

Financed through some government shtick,

Where a loaf costs more than the price of a brick

Sitting on a mortgage in a tiny flat

Can’t buy a beach house on the South Coast for that.

“A foot on the ladder” is what they said.

But now I’m not so sure…..



Made it ‘cross the med on a Libyan charter

The man took my money just out of Tajoura

Just try thinking of the land of plenty

When you’re hanging ‘neath a waggon on the Kent M20

Crept out of the camp and onto the ferry

Balanced with the axle pressed against my belly.

The stink of the diesel soaked into my shirt

While the road passed by below…


The winter’s storm whips up from the sea

Gaza town tarpaulin-wrapped misery

Up to the check-point where the sick do fade

Caught on both sides by a cruel blockade

Kids play soldiers near the old hotel

To watch themselves on CNN

Amidst spent shells from New Mexico

And now bulldozers come