O'Hooley & Tidow - The Hum


Hum is the sound

In the sound, in the sound


Jennifer and Wayne would often times complain

Viewing a house where a factory remained

The singular reason they pulled out of the sale

It would never pass in pursuit of middle class

To wake up to that din, it really wouldn’t do

How could they retire when the poor refused to?

Clever Mrs B, she cared for herself

Preferring poppies to cigarettes I’d say

Found the poison nectar, draped in nicotine

Equivalent dose to 60 fags a day

Should we side with pest, or let human do its best?

Eradicate with ease, a hundred million years

The hum is the people is the sound

Of the people in the sound

Are the people in the sound

Of the people is the

Hum, is the buzzing is the sound

Of the buzzing of the bees

Is the humming of the

Sound of the buzzing is the hum

Decisions from above, from those who have the means

To spray the common folk, expunge community, how lovely it must be

The hum is a factory is a mine is a playground is a hive is a garden is a school is a village is a choir is a forest is a town is a person is a group is a heart is a mind is a voice is the hum

Cogs turning, fires burning, folk earning