Moulettes - Lullaby


All things considered, I've been thinking

I'd still rather be together on this side and loose.

A time to take this mantle up and turn it over,

we are ready and change is due

We are many and they are few.

We'll make certain its better for you.

O my darling, my tiny human

You won't have to take it so much to heart.

The sleepless nights of uncountable number,

We are watchful so you can rest, and rest easy.

Some have plenty, some have none,

Feel like its over before its begun.

We are many and they are few,

We'll make certain its better for you.

Its all for you, you shouldn't have,

We all will do what we have to.

This will all seem like a bad dream.

The story...

This song was motivated by sadness, anxiety, nostalgia and a desire to make our democracy better for the sake of the generations after us. The band are at an age where many of our favourite people are having children. It is a reassuring thought that these children have such brilliant, creative, informed parents who are not just motivated by making a 'profit' and respect many of the selfless lessons that the collective public learnt before, during and after World War 1 and 2. There is a sense that we are all going to have to work together and share more than ever in response to a society led by many who support a selfish economic ideology, large corporations, environmental apathy, Trident and an undemocratic parliament. We feel its important to stay positive, especially as we will have to work hard to do all we can to make sure that all children on this beautiful Island can grow up with as many equal opportunities as possible and more importantly grow in a culture that encourages peaceful creativity. Hence the 'Lullaby'.