Luke Jackson - Forgotten Voices


I’d see him late night down town

Walking streets alone

See him sleeping in the sunshine

Dressed in his winter coat

And you know the night gets cold here in England

Sometimes I’d give him change for tea

One night I spared some of my time

Just to hear him speak

He told me his full name, rank and number too

Said he’d soon reach 90, but could be done any day soon

And so he asked to share his story

One he’d never told

He said, I hate that you’re a stranger

But all my family have gone

And so he rolled up a thin one and turned to speak

Telling tales of his life and history

He said, I lived, I tried, I fought with pride

All so I could see

The things I once loved dearly, taken from me

They said your country needs you

Saw the writing on the wall

They said do this for your family, stand proud and stand tall

Well I don’t feel too proud these days boy

Not with how things seem to be

You know, I cast my vote on polling day

And no one listened to me speak

I heard the pews down at The Abbey

Were filled with friends of mine

But the memories of VE Day are of the harsher kind

I know some there still in their uniform

Though unsteady on their feet

All were wearing medals, and as one, they looked complete

So I wonder now if someone asked for me

Was I mentioned in dispatches, did someone save a seat?

Well the men in power in their suits and ties

Made me a promise they could not keep

And the things I once loved dearly, were taken from me

We fought to keep our voices heard, but they did not hear a single word

We still fight to keep our voices heard, but they don’t hear a single word

Our forgotten voices were never heard

My forgotten voice was never heard