Grace Petrie - If There’s A Fire In Your Heart


Dick Gaughan said there ain't no gods

Excuse me while I shout the odds

The leaders have their cattle prods

But we have the stage

I look around and all I see

Is disempowered misery

And they dress it up as apathy

And say that we don't care

But if there's a fire in your heart

It only needs to be a candle

Every fire in the world

Started from one spark

Take the fire in all our hearts

We will be more than they can handle

Take my hand in here tonight

And we will light up all the dark

I know there's winter all around

I see your spirits getting down

You thought we would have turned things round

A bit by now

I need you to have faith in us

A generation brave enough

To build a world on peace and love

It's never too late