Land Of Hope And Fury

'The soundtrack to the fightback'

We woke on May 8th 2015 to election results that left millions feeling disenfranchised. But rather than wait quietly for five more years, we decided to turn to the proud tradition of the protest song. If our votes counted for nothing, at least we could still make our voices heard.

We called our friends, and within days we had 16 songs, ten of them written and recorded in direct response to the election result – Land Of Hope And Fury was born. People were pulling out all the stops to get it done while the feeling was still raw. They gave their time and their music for free, working together, acting out of a simple desire to make the world a better place.

It is the proof that Margaret Thatcher’s suggestion that “there’s no such thing as society” is as wrong today as ever it was.

Profits from the sale of the album are going to 38 Degrees.

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Land Of Hope And Fury

Cover artwork for the CD

The cover design incorporates references to the Union flag, but with some folky twists. The acorn - a traditional British symbol - represents the 'hope' aspect, balanced by the red star with it's obvious revolutionary meanings. We've always felt the oak tree was a powerful symbol, associated with age and history. The more youthful contributors to the album made us proud with the surprisingly 'long view' context of their songs.