Playing an In-Store at Union

If you wish to apply to play an in-store please read this page first, then fill in the form at the bottom. Please make sure all members of your band read this page before your in-store; it will help everything run more smoothly.

First: Watch some in-stores

It will give you a good idea of the way our in-stores work if you watch a few clips from previous in-stores. Do it, will only take you a minute and give you a better idea of what to expect - you probably haven't done a show quite like this!


In-stores start at 3pm, and last for half an hour. Please be at the store by 2:30.

It's acoustic

As in, no amplification. That kind of acoustic. Not the "well it's just a tiny amp" kind of acoustic.

We have made about three exceptions in over 100 in-stores, so you need to have a pretty amazing reason for us to bend our rules. Please ask in advance, do not just turn up with your amplified instrument ok?

The stage is TINY!

Our stage is about 6 × 4, with some limited seating around it. I'm not joking. We've had 6-piece bands with snare and double bass, so your band will fit! If you don't think you'll all fit, perhaps think about giving some people the afternoon off. In-stores often work best when people adapt their normal presentation for a cut-down performance.

It's free...

...but we pass the tip-jar round and give all the proceeds to you. The more people you and we can get to the in-store the better you might do. We have a good regular crowd but we really appreciate your help in getting word round.

It's a promotional event

The whole point of the performance is to sell your CDs You must have an album that is either recently released or about to be released.  We will consider EP's but only on special occasion.  Please make sure you discuss this with Union prior to the in-store date, we may ask you to bring additional stock, even if we have some in already.  Please note  that all sales have to go through the shop so we need to agree a wholesale price prior to arriving at the store, it can be busy and its hard to talk about it on stage.

Camera, action!

We video all our in-stores and put one song (sometimes more) on our YouTube channel and share it through our Facebook and Twitter pages. It helps your performance reach a wider audience after the event, and several of our in-store videos have had over 1,000 views.

If you're happy with all of the above then we can't wait to see you at your in-store. If you have any questions about it please don't hesitate to contact Stevie.  Please note we get an awful lot of submissions  - if you don't get a reply it means we are either fully booked at the moment or you are not quite right for an in-store at this time.

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