PA Hire

Union Music Store has an excellent PA which we've put together for the many gigs we put on in the area. We also make it available for hire when we're not using it. Here's what we've got...

Prices includes free delivery in Lewes for orders over £50. Set-up and break-down can be provided for an additional 20% (see price tables below).

Get in touch if you'd like to discuss your requirements.

Individual Item Prices:

2 x high quality 900w 15" Powered Speakers £50 Includes leads and stands
2 x high quality 650w 10" powered speakers £40 Includes leads and stands
24 Channel mixer £25 With 16 mic pre-amps and 2 aux + 2 internal FX (can be aux)
12 Channel mixer £10 With 8 mic pre-amps and 2 aux channels
5 Channel mixer £5 With 1 mic pre-amp
Carol Vocal Mics (each) £5 Inc stands and leads
Shure SM58 Vocal Mics (each) £7 Inc stands and leads
Shure Instrument Mics (each) £5 Inc stands and leads
Lexicon Reverb £10 Inc leads
Stage box and 10m loom £10 For locating mixer at front of house
Dual input DI boxes (each) £5 Can be used as splitters
LED lights (x4) £20 With loads of programmes and DMX compatible

Example packages:

Not sure what you need for your event? The table below might help...

Item **Pack 1** Band with Monitors **Pack 2** Pub Gig **Pack 3** Solo Artist **Pack 4** Speech **Pack 5** DJ
1.8Kw Powered speakers (pair) Y Y Y - Y
200w PA with speakers (pair) Y - - Y -
12 Channel Mixer Y Y - - -
5 Channel Mixer - - - Y -
Vocal Mics 3 3 1 1 -
Instrument Mics - - - - -
Lexicon Reverb Y - - - -
Stage Box (12 ch) Y - - - -
DI Boxes (2 ch) - - - - -
Package Prices: **£125** **£75** **£60** **£35** **£55**


We can provide a simple-to set up light rig for just £20 per night; great for lighting up a band in a bar or flashing onto the dance-floor in a house party or marquee.

1,800w PA

Alto Truesonic TS115A powered monitors with 15" drivers. Included stands and leads. Powerful, easy to transport system.

1,200w PA

Alto Truesonic TS110A powered monitors with 10" drivers. Included stands and leads. Compact, surprisingly powerful, easy to transport system, with less bass-end than the bigger version of course.

24 Channel Mixer

Includes 16 mic/line inputs with 3 band swept-mid EQ, inserts, 2 auxiliary sends and 2 FX sends with 2 built-in digital effect processors.

16 Channel Mixer

Includes 8 mic/line inputs with 3 band swept-mid EQ, inserts and 2 auxiliary sends.

5 Channel Mixer

Ideal for solo artists with one mic pre-amp and four other inputs for guitar, keys, MP3 player, etc.

Vocal Mics

4 x Shure vocal mics (3 x SM58s, 1 x PG58), 3 Carol vocal mics (brighter high-end) all supplied with stands and leads.

Instrument Mics

2 x Shure instrument mics (1 x SM57, 1 x PG57) 1 x kick drum/bass amp mic), 2 x AKG P4 Perception drum mics with clips, all supplied with stands and leads.

Condenser mics

We have a range of studio condenser mics available on request. Rode NT2A, AKG C3000, Samson C03, SE 2200A, Behringer C2 (matched stereo pair), SE R1 Ribbon. Prices range from £10 to £25 per day, availability on request.

Lexicon Reverb

Sounds awesome. It's Lexicon, say no more.

Stage box

10m 12-way loom from stage to mixer (8 XLR, 4 jack)

DI Boxes

3 x dual input DI boxes (6 inputs total).


We also have an (old but good) Roland Bass Cube, a Fender Blues Junior and a Fender Champion 600 which can be made available on request.