Oliver Cherer in-store - LEWES PSYCHEDELIC FESTIVAL 2018

January 27, 2018 16:00

Lewes Psychedelic Festival returns Friday and Saturday 26th & 27th January with visuals and music for the senses, in the ancient setting of Lewes and the stunning All Saints Centre.

Once again we are hosting two in-stores on the Saturday afternoon and this year the second artist will be Oliver Cherer. Constantly exploring, Oliver Cherer has made electronic, ambient, psycho-geographic and dark folky albums on a long list of labels and gathered glowing reviews from around the world. This year has seen three highly regarded LPs alone, including The Green Line by Gilroy Mere (a pseudonym) and The Myth of Violet Meek under his own name. Both these LPs have received amazing press already and huge support from 6 Music.

More details about the festival: http://www.meltingvinyl.co.uk/event/lewes-psychedelic-festival-2018/