Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar

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Release Date June 16th.

Fake Sugar is Beth Ditto's first full-length release as a solo artist.

In an interview earlier in the day with BBC 1 Radio, Ditto said she spent two years writing nearly 80 songs for her solo album, including some tracks written with producer Jacknife Lee. However, her main collaborator on Fake Sugar was songwriter and producer Jennifer Decilveo. "She was the rollerblades to my roller skates. We'd argue all day long and I loved it," Ditto said of the collaboration in a statement.

In addition to album opener "Fire," the 12-song LP also features a cut titled "Go Baby Go" that serves as a tribute to late Suicide singer Alan Vega. The singer's 2014 marriage to her longtime girlfriend also informed Fake Sugar's lyrics. "This is adulthood, baby," Ditto added. "You fought for marriage equality, now you gotta live in it."

The Gossip released their final album together, A Joyful Noise, in 2012. The previous year, Ditto released her solo Beth Ditto EP, but since then, her solo output consisted of guest appearances before Monday's Fake Sugar announcement. During that time, the singer also penned a memoir and unveiled her own fashion line.

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